Chapter 2 - About the game

Once upon a time there was a Little Red Shooting Hood on her way through the forest to the grandma's cottage. Little Red Shooting Hood wasn't afraid of the hordes of wolves living deep in the forest as she always carried a machine gun with her. When the first wolf appeared, sticking his ugly head out of the bushes, she gently pulled the trigger and... Well, I am sure you are interested in what happened next so why don't you play the game yourself?

What you are about to play is a web browser game created in less than 3 months time (actually much less, best regards to my university exams and other important stuff) for Mozilla Game On competition, using only open web technologies. Its full 3D goodness is credited to WebGL and graphics/game engine created from scratch specially for this game. The graphic assest are mine, the background music comes from The game was listed as the finalist of Game On 2011.

If you want to tell me something personally just go to or, actually, you can email me directly on or find me on Twitter.

Have fun and best regards!

Hello dear friend! Just to let you know, visit to get a glimpse at my new game!